Name:Bitzer refrigeration compressor 2FC-3.2Y-40S (2FES-3Y-40S)
Old Model:2FC-3.2(Y)
New Model:2FES-3(Y)
Lubricated:Centrifugal lubrication
Voltage:(380V-420V Y-3-50HZ) (440-480V Y-3-60HZ UL)
Number of cylinders:2
Country of origin:China
Quality specification:New authentic
Gross Weight:55kg

Product Description

Bitzer refrigeration compressor 2FC-3.2Y-40S  (2FES-3Y-40S) is  made in China .We supply Bitzer compressors are all from Bitzer factory in China with best cheaper price .

Bitzer 2FC-3.2Y-40S   New model 2FES-3Y-40S features as below .


Outstanding efficiency in wide application range

Reliable design/well-known BITZER product

Enhanced application limits

Optimal internal gas flow

Very compact design

2.Product versions

Motor version 1: MT and AC applications

Motor version 2: LT and MT applications

    Motor version 3: for R134a MT applications

    Bitzer refrigeration compressor 2FC-3.2Y-40S  (2FES-3Y-40S) Datasheet :

    Bitzer refrigeration compressor 2FC-3.2Y-40S (2FES-3Y-40S)

    New models as below .

    Old model name  New model name  New model name (Y)
    2KC-05.2 2KES-05 2KES-05Y
    2JC-07.2 2JES-07 2JES-07Y
    2HC-1.2 2HES-1 2HES-1Y
    2HC-2.2 2HES-2 2HES-2Y
    2GC-2.2 2GES-2 2GES-2Y
    2FC-2.2 2FES-2 2FES-2Y
    2FC-3.2 2FES-3 2FES-3Y
    2EC-2.2 2EES-2 2EES-2Y
    2EC-3.2 2EES-3 2EES-3Y
    2DC-2.2 2DES-2 2DES-2Y
    2DC-3.2 2DES-3 2DES-3Y
    2CC-3.2 2CES-3 2CES-3Y
    2CC-4.2 2CES-4 2CES-4Y
    4FC-3.2 4FES-3 4FES-3Y
    4FC-5.2 4FES-5 4FES-5Y
    4EC-4.2 4EES-4 4EES-4Y
    4EC-6.2 4EES-6 4EES-6Y
    4DC-5.2 4DES-5 4DES-5Y
    4DC-7.2 4DES-7 4DES-7Y
    4CC-6.2 4CES-6 4CES-6Y
    4CC-9.2 4CES-9 4CES-9Y

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