Name:Carrier Carlyle compressors 06NW2300S5NA-A00 new and original
Brand:Carrier Carlyle
Country of origin:China
Quality:New & original

Product Description

Carrier Carlyle compressors 06NW2300S5NA-A00 new and original  is produced by carlyle Factory in China.We have been selling Carlyle 06N series compressors for many years to ensure that all compressors are original and new to ensure good quality.

How to understand the model of the Carlyle compressor and choose the model you need , the following is the Carlyle compressor 06N Model Significance Chart.

Carlyle compressors 06NW2300S5EA

Carlyle 06N series has a variety of models. The following table mainly shows the conventional models of 06N. If you need to purchase this type of compressor, please provide the label or complete model name of the compressor, we will reply you in the first time.

Regular Models of Carlyle 06N Screw Compressor
06NW2300S5EA  06NW2300S5EA-A00
06NW2300S5NA  06NW2300S5NA-A00 
06NW2250S7NA  06NW2250S7NA-A00  
06NW2250S7EA  06NW2250S7EA-A00  
06NW2209S7NA  06NW2209S7NA-A00  
06NW2209S7EA  06NW2209S7EA-A00 
06NW5300S5EA  06NW5300S5EA-A00
06NW5300S5NA  06NW5300S5NA-A00
06NW2174S7NA  06NW2174S7NA-A00
06NW2174S7EA  06NW2174S7EA-A00 
06NW2146S7NA  06NW2146S7NA-A00
06NW2146S7EA  06NW2146S7EA-A00 
06NW2123S6NA  06NW2123S6NA-A00
06NW2300S5EC  06NW2300S5EC-A00
06NW2300S5NC  06NW2300S5NC-A00
06NW2250S7NC  06NW2250S7NC-A00 
06NW2250S7EC  06NW2250S7EC-A00    
06NW2209S7NC  06NW2209S7NC-A00
06NW2209S7EC  06NW2209S7EC-A00 
06NW5300S5EC  06NW5300S5EC-A00 
06NW5300S5NC  06NW5300S5NC-A00
06NW2174S7NC  06NW2174S7NC-A00
06NW2174S7EC  06NW2174S7EC-A00 
06NW2146S7NC  06NW2146S7NC-A00 
06NW2146S7EC  06NW2146S7EA-A00  
06NW2123S6NC  06NW2123S6NC-A00

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