Name:Water cooled KHS shell and tube condenser
Model No.:KHS Series
Place of Origin:China
Cooling Method:Direct Cooling
Type:Water cooled
shape:Shell and tube
Performance:Low Noise
Horse Power:2-120hp
Cooling water:fresh water
Application:Refrigeration unit
Packing:Carton box/wooden case

Product Description

Water cooled KHS shell and tube condenser

1,Production acceptance and quality control is followed strictly by standards of pressure vessel for refrigerant equipment and fixed regulation.

2,Professional pipe expanding equipment and electronic control of tube flange guarantees the products quality.

3,Efficient external thread copper tubes enlarge heat exchanger area and improve heat transfer efficiency.

4,2.6mpa air tightness test satisfies product air tightness.

5,High quality seamless copper tubes become anti-corrosion,smooth and enduration. After treatment of oil-removal,rust cleaning ,passivation,phosphating,spray coating and drying.

6,Automatic laser tube cutting and the automatic shell welding technology ensures excellent air tightness and long lifespan.

7,Users can flexibly choose the installation location both outdoors or in the basemen.

8,Compact and reasonable design with a full specification,customer design also aviable.

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