Name:Water Cooled Double shell and tube Condenser KHD Series
Model No.:KHD Series
Place of Origin:China
Cooling Method:Direct Cooling
Type:Water cooled
Cooling water:Fresh water
Performance:Low Noise
Design temp:55
air test pressure:33kgs/CM2
Certification:CE CCC
Application:Cold storage
Packing:Carton box/wooden case

Product Description

Water Cooled Double shell and tube Condenser KHD Series

Product features:

Water conderser and dry evaporator have following 3 types:single-loop/Dual-loop/Tri-loop

Performance and characteritics;

1,Producation and acceptance examination is performed stictly following the standard of pressure vessel used for refrigeraion device to ensure product quality.

2,Efficient external thread copper us used on heat exchanger tube to ensure heat exchanger area and improve heat transfer efficiency.

3,Quality seamless tube is selected and rust-proof treatment on its surface is performed.

4,Automatic welding technology is applied for the casing and that contributes to excellent air tightness and long lifespan.

5,Special technology adopted for air tightness 2.6mpa,air tightness test ensures satisfication for air tightness requirements.

6,Three times of knurling on surface of the copper tube greatly improves the heat transfer efficency.

7,Due to its compact and reasonable overall structure,it become the best choice of refrigerating and cold storage equipment.

8,Full range of production specifications are aviable.Customized service is aviable.

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