Name:High Hardness White Color Evaporator air cooler for Freezing
Model No.:DD/DL/DJ Series
Place of Origin:China
Cooling Method:Direct Cooling
Usage:for cold storage
Type:Evaporative Air Cooler
Operating Voltage:230 VAC
Mounting:Ceiling Mount
in space for DJ:9 mm
Fin space for DD:6 mm
Fin space for DL:4.5 mm
Fan:Axia outer rotor fan
Packing:Carton box/wooden case

Product Description

High Hardness White Color Evaporator for Freezing

DL, DD, DJ( Low, middle and high temperature) Air cooled air cooler

1. Material: Copper, aluminum plate or galvanized plate

2. Aluminum foil: Hydrophilic or bare

3. Copper pipe: Diameter 8.9mm or9.0mm, 12mm or 14.5mm, smooth tube

4. High temperature fin space 4.5 mm, middle temperature fin space 6mm for DD, 9mm for low temperature. 

5. Suitable for R134A, R22, R404A, R407C refrigerant or other

6. Voltage: 220V/1/50HZ and 380V/3/50HZ or other type. 

7. Different alternative condensing fans available: Shaded pole or outer rotor fan motor. 

8. Gas examination under 3.0Mpa air pressure to ensure the tightness. 

9. Widely used in refrigeration industry, cold room and other cooling system. 

10. We can supply products according to customer samples or drawing. 

11. Producing procedure: Plate cutting, tube bending, punching fin, expanding tube, welding, leakage test, inspection, packing


D series air coolers include DL, DD, DJ types and are applied in all ranges of cold room due to compact structure, lightweight, space saving. Compared to the normal flow unit cooler, it can rapidly fast cool down temperature and greatly improve products freshness. 


D serial air cooler can match with different capacity condensing equipments; It can apply to different temperature cold rooms.


DD Air cooler ( Fin space 6mm, temperature -2' C ~ -18' C)
  Model                                            Capacity(KW) Cooling area Size(mm)                                  Motor Fan Electrical defrost heater (V)
Fan Φ (mm) Powder(W) Fan Voltage(V)
DD-1.3/7 1300 7 725x460x540 1x300 90 220 /380 220
DD-2.2/12 2200 12 1030x460x540 2x300 2x90 220 /380 220
DD-2.8/15 2800 15 1130x460x540 2x300 2x90 220 /380 220
DD-3.7/22 3700 22 1570x460x540 3x300 3x90 220 /380 220
DD-5.6/30 5600 30 1430x525x640 2x400 2x190 220 /380 220
DD-7.5/40 7500 40 1430 x525x 640 2x400 2x190 220 /380 220
DD-11.2/60 11200 60 1780x 635x740 2x500 2x550 220 /380 220
DD-14.9/80 14900 80 1780x635x740 2x500 2x550 380 220
DD-18.7/100 18700 100 2230x635x 740 3x500 3x550 380 220
DD-22.4/120 22400 120 2230x635x740 3x500 3x550 380 220
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