Name:Danfoss Capacity energy Regulators KVC15 034L0142 5mm
Model No.:KVC15 034L0142
Place of Origin:Poland
Valve type:Energy regulators hot gas bypass valve
Connection:5/8" Fl 1
Regulating Range kPa (psig):20 to 600 (3 to 87)
P band:2.0bar
Refrigerant:R22 R134A R404A R507 R407C
Packing:Carton box

Product Description

Danfoss Capacity energy Regulators KVC15 034L0142 5mm

Product Description

Danfoss capacity regulators are used to adapt compressor capacity to actual evaporator load by supplying a replacement capacity in the form of hot/cool gas.

They are installed in a bypass line between the high and low-pressure sides of the refrigeration system and are designed for direct gas injection into the suction line. 693723 imposes a lower limit on the compressor suction pressue by supplying the low pressure side with replacement capacity in the form of hot gas/cool gas from the high pressure side.

Product Features

Danfoss Capacity Regulators

A capacity regulator is used for the adaption of the compressor Capacity to the actual evaporator load. 

They are placed in a by-pass between high and low pressure sides Of the refrigeration plant.
In this position they impose a downward Limit on the compressor suction pressure by supplying the low Pressure side with replacement duty in the form of hot gas/cool Gas from the high-pressure side.


Regulating range 0.2 - 6.0 bar, factory setting 2 bar, max. working pressure 28 bar.

KVC type energy regulator is for regulating capacity of the compressor, to adapt to the evaporator load.

KVC type energy regulator is mounted on the refrigeration system of high / low pressure side of the road between the bypass pipe.

KVC helps to send the heat from high pressure side into the lower pressure side through the bypass line, to replace part of the load, so that the compressor suction pressure is not less than the minimum limit.

Type Rated capacity Solder connection
( inch)
Code no.
R22 R134a R404A/R507 R407C
KVC12 7.6 4.8 6.9 8.4  1/2 034L0143
KVC15 14.9 9.4 13.6 16.4  5/8 034L0147
KVC22 19.1 12 17.4 21  5/7 034L0144


Part Number Model Number Regulating
Range kPa (psig)
Connections Rated Capacity (kW)
R22 R134a R404A R407C
Capacity Regulator (hot gas Bypass)
034L0141 KVC12  20 to 600 (3 to 87) 1/2" Fl.1 7.6 4.8 6.9 8.4
034L0042 KVC15  5/8" Fl 1 14.9 9.4 13.6 16.4
034L0043 KVC12  1/2" ODS 7.6 4.8 6.9 8.4
034L0147 KVC15  5/8" ODS 14.9 9.4 13.6 16.4
034L0144 KVC22  7/8" ODS 19.1 12 17.4 21
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