Name:Danfoss Solenoid Valve coil for refrigeration system controls EVR 018F6186 115V/50HZ without coil
Model No.:EVR 018F6186
Place of Origin:China
Type (channel position):Second formula
Working temperature:high temperature
Flow direction:Bidirectional
Pressure environment:Low
Usage:for EVR Solenoid Valve

Product Description

Danfoss Solenoid Valve coil for refrigeration system controls EVR 018F6186 115V/50HZ without coil


Product Description
Danfoss coils are specially designed to operate in the aggressive environment of high humidity and temperature fluctuations that you find in most refrigeration systems.The Clip-on fastening system ensures a faultless installation and makes the coils easy to mount or dismount. A Danfoss Clip-on coil can be mounted without any tools at all, and it is simple to dismount the coil be means of a screwdriver.The Clip-on coil is available for the entire range of Danfoss solenoid valves for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning purposes.

Coils for danfoss solenoid valves

Encapsulated coils with long operating life, even under extreme conditions
Standard coils for a. C. Or d. C
Standard coils available with 3-core cable, terminal box or DIN plugs
Standard coils from 12 V to 420 V, 50, 60 or 50/60 Hz
Standard coils dimensioned for max. Opening differential pressure (MOPD) of up to 21 bar
Coils can be fitted or removed without the use of tools

Technical data

Ambient temperature
10 or 12 W a. C. Coil
For NC (normally closed) valve:
40 +80 C

10 W a. C. Coil
For NO (normally open) valve:
40 +55 C

20 W d. C. Coil
For NC and NO valve:

40 ++50 C

Permissible voltage variation
10 and 12 W a. C. Coils: +10 15% and as double frequency coils: 10%
A. C. Coils for 220-230 / 380-400 V: +6 15%
And as double frequency coils: +6 10%
20 W d. C. Coils: 10%.

IP 67 with cable or terminal box
IP 20 with DIN plugs and protective cap
IP 65 with DIN socket

IP 00 with DIN plugs.

Valve Model No. VoltageV Frequency
Code No. Power consumption
With Junction Box With DIN plugs and protective cover With DIN plug
IP67 IP20
EVR240NC 12 50 018F6256 018F6181   Maintain10W
EVR622N0 24 50 018F6257 018F6182 018F7358       21VA
  42 50 018F6258 018F6183   start44VA
  48 50 018F6259 018F6284    
  115 50 018F6261 018F6186 018F7361  
  220230 50 018F6251 018F6176 018F7351  
  240 50 018F6252 018F6177 018F7352  
  380400 50 018F6253 018F6178    
  420 50 018F6254 018F6179    
  24 60 018F6255 018F6190    
  115 60 018F6260 018F6185    
  220 60 018F6264 018F6189    
  240 60 018F6263 018F6188    
  110 50/60 018F6280 018F6192 018F7360  
  220230 50/60 018F6282 018F6193 018F7363  
EVR340 240 50 018F6802     Maintain12W
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